Asia Bizz: The makers of BlackBerry devices, Research In Motion (RIM), have set up a server in India after a long wait. The move has been taken by the company to make it easy for the security agencies to keep a watch on the BlackBerry Messenger Services.

RIM has taken the decision after three long years amidst pressure from the security agencies which forced the Canadian device maker to agree to come up with a local server. One of the top government officials said that RIM server was tested by the Department of Telecom (DoT) and was then found to be in a working solution.

Over the issue of intercepting emails passing through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the DoT decided to directly tap the corporate servers in India after RIM expressed that it cannot set up a local server for this. At present, there are 5,000 enterprise servers in the country and DoT will ask the mobile operators to provide a list of these servers in the upcoming 15 days.

The list will be shared by the Indian Home Ministry which will then be passed to the security agencies. The new local server by the company has solved the four year old issue of passing through the BlackBerry devices.