Asia Bizz: The world’s most popular tablet , the Apple iPad, was recently seized by the authorities from a retailer in a city in northern China. The devices were seized due to a dispute with a local company which claims that it owns the iPad name.

The local Chinese company said that it is asking for similar action in more than 20 other cities. The company named Shenzhen Proview Technology has threatened to complicate Apple’s attempts to sell its iPads in China, which is its fastest growing tablet.

The investigators started seizing iPads last week in Shijiazhuang, which is south west of Beijing. The move was taken after letters were received from Shenzhen Proview.

An official from the economic investigation unit of the city’s Xinhua district said that all the Apple iPad tablet PCs from big shopping malls and super markets have been taken off the shelves in Xinhua district. But the official refused to share how many devices were seized or how many retailers were affected.