Asia Bizz: The popular iPad 3 device from Apple might face a ban in China amidst the ongoing trademark dispute. On February 15,2012,  a not so popular Chinese firm said that it has filed for a customs ban with the local authorities to stop the import and export of the Apple tablet PC.

A lawyer for the display vendor Proview said that the company has filed the request with the country’s customs offices, but has not disclosed any further details. Ma Donxiao, the lawyer of the company said that they feel that Apple has been infringing the iPad trademark and added that the company’s goal is to top the shipment of Apple’s next generation iPad.

In mainland China, Apple and Proview have got down in battle to determine who owns the iPad trademark. For Apple, China is one of the major markets in the world. Moreover, the company has also built many factories which manufacture the company’s products. If the ban is allowed then it could even stop the import of iPads to the country, but is unlikely to affect the exports.

Stan Abrams, an intellectual property lawyer said that Apple can come back and say the government that they have the right to manufacture things in China, noting that Apple has the iPad trademark in other countries.