Asia Bizz: Japanese-based motor company Nissan has recalled around 10,000 units of its hatchback Micra that were made in India. The Indian made Micras were sold all over Europe.

The cars have been recalled to fix a potential mechanical problem, but surprisingly, none of the cars that were sold in India were recalled. The recent recall is a part of the company’s global and a wider exercise under which it is recalling back 2.5 lakh units to fix the particular problem.

The problems have to be fixed in some of it models like Juke and Infinity M. The spokesperson of the company said that a total of 9,660 units would be called back to the workshops to fix a mechanical glitch in the fuel rail of the direct injection engines.

The company said that the fuel pressure sensor might not be tight enough in many of the cars that could lead to a petrol leak. Through the recall. Nissan will tighten the fuel pressure sensors in the cars so as to avoid any fuel leakage issues. The export versions of the petrol Micra are more powerful than the Indian versions in terms of power and torque. Meanwhile the sales of Micra is slowly picking up in the Indian market.