Asia Bizz: Smartphone manufacturing giant Research In Motion has unveiled its Playbook OS 2.0 for the Indian market on February 24, 2012. The company has introduced the much-awaited upgraded version of its Playbook segment.

Ranjan Moses, the carrier product manager of RIM said that the upgraded version has a people-centric calendar and a range of new communications and productivity enhancements along with expanded app content support.

This is the second version of the operating system since its launch in the year 2011;  the users of the OS have been treated after a long time.

Earlier the company promised to launch the update in the month of December 2011. Chief executive Thorsten Heins, in a recent statement, said that they plan to push forward the tablet operation despite the short comings of the product. Since the launch of the tablet, it has not been a popular product in the market with harsh critical reviews, due to which it also suffered loss in sales. And due to the lack of interest in the device, it might also have resulted in the limited available from RIM’s BlackBerry App World which supplies just 60,000 apps. The company now has hopes that the new update for the OS will bring back some freshness in the device as well as the operating system.