Asia Bizz: Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic has recently announced the development of a new solution which will help in protecting personal data like photos, videos, emails and documents that are stored on Android smartphones.

The new solution has been developed in collaboration with Massachusetts based Red Bend software. This new solution will help in preventing the leakage of personal data from the smartphones that are lost and also the unintended behaviour of downloaded applications.

Smartphones have become immensely popular and the usage of it has also increased tremendously. Due to this, a lot of personal data including pictures, videos and emails are now stored in the smartphones on a daily basis.

In such a case, when a smartphone is lost, a lot of personal information can be lost and there is also a risk of leakage of personal information. Moreover, a variety of networkable applications are also available and smartphone users can download them to access cloud-based services. Such applications can present security risks and data on the smartphone through the network. The new solution has configured a folder which protects and stores personal data. The protected area is actually isolated from the Android platform which helps in the protection of the data.