VCherish Media Private Limited today launched an “online media and electronic publishing” website that provides young minds (age 15-45) a paid freelance opportunity to “Express, Delight, Differentiate, Engage, Enlighten or Inspire” via contribution of their “Articles, Web/Mobile Videos and E-books, and thereby drive editorial content on the site.” Irrespective of a young mind’s location, academic or professional status, he or she can contribute to


The launch edition of includes a variety of articles and videos encompassing big city and small town India, interesting facets of London and Italy, and articles received from Philippines and Silicon Valley, US. will provide an opportunity to select “Young” writers to author their first electronic book (E-book) that includes “Vibrant Palette” and “Fragrant Bouquet” for customers reading pleasure

 For the benefit of domestic and international “non-English” readers, the text (articles) and web pages on can be automatically semi-translated into the language of a reader’s choice (Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch, among others) by clicking the respective country’s national flag on the site.

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