Asia Bizz: A Chinese firm which claimed the trademark for the iPad on February 2, 2012,  moved to a higher court in a legal battle against Apple Inc. The hearing of the court will set a precedent for the rest of mainland China.

An appeal from the US firm is being heard by the Higher People’s Court of Guangzhou after a lower court ruled in favor of the Chinese firm Proview Technology, which has claimed that it owns the trademark in China and is also trying to stop the sales of Apple’s popular tablet computer.

Roger Xie, a lawyer representing Proview Technology, said that Apple has not provided much new evidence. The lawyer added that with the current evidence, the US company cannot say that it has the right to the iPad trademark in China.

Xie, while talking to the reporters, said that Apple does not have a case to overrule the original verdict in this appeal. The verdict of the higher court expected immediately and will set a precedent for the other cases in the lower courts around China. A week back, the Shanghai Court rejected a request by Proview Technology to block Apple from selling its iPads in China’s richest city.