Asia Bizz: On March 1, 2012, Sony Digital Network Applications announced the release of pick pic camera. The pick pic camera is a smartphone application which allows users to record the photos just before as well as right after the shutter button is clicked along with the very moment.

This allows the users to select the best picture that is taken so as to save it as a still picture. Pictures can be taken before and after the shutter clicks. The shutter has to be tapped to take a picture and if you do not like the picture then tap the thumbnail to move through images taken before as well as after the shutter is clicked so that you can find the best shot.

The new application automatically records pictures taken before and after the photo is clicked which allows the users to select the best picture out of the lot. This application saves time when clicking several pictures.

The application also has recording modes for children, pets and other so that the interval between the pictures is optimized so as to ensure the best picture is captured. On the camera screen, one has to tap the call out icon and the pick pic camera calls out ‘Say Cheese’. Isn’t that a great deal?