Asia Bizz: Ustream Korea CEO Jimmy Kim is now back in Seoul to look after the Korean operations of the world’s No 1 live video streaming service. Kim was at Samsung Electronics from 2001 to 2003 and it has now been a decade since he last worked in his home country.

He has been in Singapore for the past eight years and while talking to The Korea Herald, Kim said that he was happy to be back and that he does not hesitate to go any where in the world if there is an exciting opportunity in the media value chain.

For the past ten years, Kim has been engaged in the content distribution in Asia Pacific regions. The Ustream CEO was previously the Vice President at Viacom International Media Networks and also worked with international companies like CNBC, Technicolor and Bloomberg Television.

Ustream was launched in the year 2007, when co-founders John Ham and Brad Hunstable helped the American troops overseas to communicate with their families online. Ustream has managed to build its presence in the US especially during the major event like the Hurricane Katrina, the US presidential elections and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Moreover, the user generated live videos help in delivering unique content that the conventional media companies would not show any interest in.

Kim also spoke about the leading video-sharing site YouTube and said, “It’s good to have a big player in the market like YouTube because its entry indicates the market’s growth potential.” Kim added that it would take YouTube some years to get into the live streaming full-time given the high costs and infrastructure required to sustain itself online.