Asia Bizz: German automobile company BMW has recently started a Driver Training Programme for its customers in India. The special programme will have specially trained instructors who will take the customers through the different techniques of driving.

Some of the basic lessons include the proper sitting position, steering wheel posture and proper steering techniques. The course also includes some of the intense techniques like emergency braking, avoidance manoeuvres and induced/understeer.

With the help of the programme by BMW, the company aims to make its customers get a better control over their machines and also react in a composed manner during unexpected driving situations. The President of BMW group India, Dr. Andreas Schaaf said that BMW training is a signature training programme which aims to improve the skills of driving, handling, reaction time and awareness of BMW customers.

The company also aims to provide a better opportunity to know the capabilities of the BMW better and also experience the superior BMW Technology. The new training programme is also designed to help the customers to overcome the potential hazards during day to day driving.

The programme has been introduced in Chennai as well as Delhi NCR. Those who wish to participate need to contact their respective dealers for more information.