Asia Bizz: In some good news for the passengers at Bangalore City Railway Station in India, people can now enjoy free access to high speed internet. The service can be accessed through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity on their smartphones or laptops.

The RailWire Express Network is an initiative by the RailTel Corporation of India and was launched on March 2, 2012 exclusively for the city’s premier railway station. Manohar Raja, the general manager of RailTel while talking about the service said that with the service they want to reach out to the public by providing reliable internet services.

While talking about how the service works, Raja explained that every platform at the station has a router installed. The technology used here is Blufi and users with Bluetooth enabled devices can access the service.

Raja even assured of the reliability of the service and added that the server will have a record of every mobile number and its activity so as to have a check on the malicious acts. The General manger also said that they have all the necessary filters and blockers. The free service will be a blessing for those who need to check the PNR status of their tickets and to know the seat numbers.