Asia Bizz: Japan is still trying hard to make communities inhabitable again by cleaning up the radiation contaminated areas. Workers in rubber boots at the frozen ground are digging away to remove five centimetres of radioactive soil from a yard of a single home.

The total amount of waste gathered is roughly 60 tons and still more scrap has to be cleared; but the wind and the rain are the two factors that spread the radiation easily and giving workers a hard time.

It is indeed a massive task and even a costly and uncertain effort by Japan to clear up the waste; many contractors are  experimenting with new chemicals and others are trying stick with shovels and high pressure water.

One of the government experts said it is all on a trial and error basis. However, the radiation leak has considerably slowed down at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after a year has passed following the March 11, 20111  earthquake and tsunami. Three of the reactors of the nuclear plant went to meltdown due to the earthquake. Work is still in progress in the permanent shut down, but he Japanese government had declared the plant as stable in the month of December 2011.