Asia Bizz: Google’s Street view has been sued recently by a Frenchman. On March 1, 2012, the search engine giant was taken to court for showing him urinating in his yard.

The man has argued that this has made him a laughing stock of his village in the rural northwest France. The middle-aged man has demanded the removal of the photo from the website as the locals have recognized him despite his face being blurred.

The Frenchman has demanded 10,000 Euros as damages. The lawyer of the man, Jean Noel, said that everyone has a right to a degree of secrecy and in this particular case it is more amusing than serious. Noel added that even if he was caught kissing a woman other than his wife, then it would have had the same issue.

The StreetView of Google covers some 30 countries and is available in France since 2008. The service shows the pictures taken through the camera mounted on the vehicles. The picture of the man was taken in the year 2010 and the man had then though that the closed gate would have hidden him. But the lens had caught the man from above his gate as the vehicle passed.