Asia Bizz: The upcoming iPad from Apple is likely to be 3G equipped which will tempt US consumers to pay a little extra. Reports state that with the 4G subscription, customers can watch high quality videos on-the-go and in turn it will be a good revenue boost for Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc.

Till now, Apple users were reluctant to spend that extra amount even on the iPads with the 3G connections. The consumers are known to prefer the Wi-Fi only model, with more limited web access which is also the top selling model.

The new iPad will have the capability to operate in 4G network ‘LTE’ or the Long Term Evaluation Network’. The speeds would be roughly ten times faster than the current 3G technology which may be a hampering service for those devices which have a shaky video quality.

If the customers catch on the service, then it will definitely help the telecom market to catch up and turn into something users will be more than happy to pay more.

The tablet user base globally has already reached 67 million in the year 2011. John Hodulik, the UBS analyst said that it is going to dramatically improve the video consumption.