Asia Bizz: US based Dunkin’ Brands Inc. announced on March 5, 2012 that the NBA star Lebron James has given in to promote  Dunkin’ Donuts as well as Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream in Asia. The company has nearly third of its stores in Asia.

The brand will be promoted by James in China, Taiwan, South Korea and India through the medium of advertisements, in-store marketing and online media. The NBA star will also be making personal appearances in the continent after the season ends in the month of June.

John Costello, the executive of Dunkin’ did not reveal the terms of the deal but revealed that it is a multi-year contract worth millions of dollars. In a statement, James said that he is very excited to be associated with the brand and also looks forward to communicating with the community of basketball fans in Asia.

James has visited China four times and also has the best selling basketball jersey and shoe in the country. The brand is now hoping that the association with James will help them to boost its sales in the region as it has about 5,400 stores or about a third of its global total.