Asia Bizz: Taiwan-based computer hardware and electronics company, Asus, launched its new range of desktop computers for the Indian market on March 7, 2012. The Managing director of Asus India, Albert Tung, formally launched its new range of six high performance desktop models.

The new models feature Intel’s H61 to Z68 chipsets under CM (multimedia) as well as CG (gaming) series. Vinay Shetty, the Asus Indian component business head said that the mid and high-end models are priced between Rs 22,000 and Rs 85,000 without the monitor and the other peripherals.

The company during the launch said that they were targeting the professionals and the amateurs. Shetty added that the new models were not just the entry level models but also really faster machines.

At the launch, ROG Tytan was one of the high-end gaming desktops which comes with advanced options like the single button over clocking for HD gaming experience and also supports up to three displays in 3D. While talking about the market share in the country for Asus, Shetty said that it was testing waters so as to know the estimated market size and the projected share. The business head also said that they intend to build the brand first than go for the number.