Asia Bizz: The head of the Indian operations of Ford said that the company will focus on small, low cost cars in the country. On March 6, 2012, Ford revealed that it intends to make the country a manufacturing hub for the Africa and Asia Pacific region.

The company reportedly has plans to catch up with global rivals in the fast growing market. Ford is also planning to launch a new range of small cars in the country in the upcoming three years.

The company stated that the Indian market has been neglected by them so far and it intends to ramp up the exports to the emerging economies as it doubles the capacity in the market where the small car is the king. Michael Boneham, the president of Ford India, said that they have not been a major player in India as they were positioning themselves in the segment where 70 percent of small cars are sold.

Boneham added that they were focusing issues on outside India and sending cars that were forced feeding the Indian consumers. Ford India started its operations in the year 1995, but a year later, Hyundai Motor entered the country and targeted the small car segment.