Asia Bizz: The chairman and founder of the search engine giant Baidu Inc., Li Yanhong, has recently topped the latest list of the richest people on the Chinese mainland. On March 7, 2012 the list of the World’s Billionaires was released an Li, who is also known as Robin Li, was ranked 86th globally.

Robin Li’s personal fortune remained $10.2 billion while the Mexican telecoms czar Carlos Slim topped the list with a fortune of $69 billion. Overall, the figure was lower than the previous year and Slim’s wealth still outspaces that of his closest competitor Bill Gates – the founder of the Microsoft Corp.

According to Forbes, 1,226 tycoons made it in to the global list of billionaires this year and Slim maintained the top spot for the third consecutive year with $8 billion ahead of Gates. Warren Buffet, the US investment Guru, came in the third place with $44 billion.

French luxury king Bernard Arnault was also included in the list with $41 billion and a new name was added to the top five, Amancio Ortega of Spain, which is the owner of the Zara fashion chain. In spite of the sluggish global economy, Forbes said that the billionaire’s list had grown and there were 128 new comers while 117 dropped off.

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