Asia Bizz: The Indian hockey team has recently qualified for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. The captain of the team, Bharat Chetri, says that the qualification of the team could be the first small step towards reviving the glory days.

So far, the Indian team has won eight gold medals and the last one was in the year 1980. From then on,  the decline started and in the year 2008, the team failed to qualify for the Beijing Games.

In India, cricket has remained the most dominant sport due to which the hockey team could not be highlighted. But it was a huge relief when Chetri and his team won a qualifying tournament last month and fixed their place for the London Games.

The 30-year-old goal keeper stated that the team aims to regain what they have lost in the past 30 to 40 years. Chetri added that once again they will be chasing the glorious days when they had so many hockey fans and also used to win so many medals and many kids also used to play the game. The captain said that they want to bring back the days to India. Chetri also assured that they are not thinking of the qualification but are thinking of how to perform in London.

In India, hockey is the national game of the Asian nation.