Asia Bizz: After the launch of the Airtel Money service in India, the search engine giant is planning to bring its mobile wallet services in the Asian country. Airtel recently launched the service in India for its subscribers with the help of which they can make transactions with ease over mobile phones.

Reports say that the search engine is forcing Android App developers to adopt Google Wallet and failure to do so might result in getting their apps suspended from the Android marketplace. The Google Android market place is also known as Google Play.

Google’s Wallet service allows the users to store credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards. The system also allows redeeming sales promotions on their mobile phone.

What does the service mean to Indian users? Google Wallet will be a service for those who want to buy applications from the Android market and ultimately this will lead to full fledged roll out of the services in the country. With the introduction of Google Wallet the transaction charges will be higher, but for users, it will mean lesser transaction time and less worries as the Android devices already are linked to the Google account, with which even the wallet service is linked.