Asia Bizz: American electronics manufacturing giant, Apple Inc, said on March 12, 2012 that the shipments of its new iPad 4G will be delayed by two or three weeks. The shipment will be delayed for customers who order it online, but the tablet will be available in stores on Friday.

The pre-orders of the third generation of the iPad began on March 7, 2012. The company has set March 16, 2012 as the launch date of the much awaited device.

A notice on the official website of the company said that the devices would be shipped in two to three weeks.

The third generation of the iPad was unveiled by Apple last Wednesday. The enhanced features of the tablet will help the device to maintain its position in the market that has some tough competitors.

The new iPad has a more powerful processor, amazing resolution which is on par with the iPhone 4S. Moreover, the new iPad also has the capability to connect to the 4G LTE telecom networks which helps to move data at a faster speed.

The new iPad 4G is due to be released in ten countries simultaneously in Japan, US, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong.