Asia Bizz: American internet corporation Yahoo Inc. has sued social networking site Facebook on March 12, 2012 over ten patents. The latest paten battle includes methods and systems for advertising on the web. The suit has been filed in a San Jose, California federal court and has marked the first major legal battle between the technology giants in social media as well as the major escalation of patent litigation.

The patent war has already taken off when it comes to smartphones and tablets, with the involvement of major firms like Apple Inc, Microsoft and Motorola Mobility Holdings. The lawsuit from Yahoo comes after Facebook’s announcement of plans for an initial public offering which could value the company at about $100 billion. On Monday, the spokesperson for Facebook did not respond to the request for comments.

Yahoo, in an emailed statement, said that it is confidential and will prevail. The company in the statement added that unfortunately the matter with Facebook remains unresolved and that they are compelled to seek redress in federal court.

Social networking sites have always been vulnerable of lawsuits, be it for patent infringement or objectionable content. Many social networking sites are at present facing lawsuit in India for objectionable content.