Asia Bizz: Users of the social networking site Facebook in India were left  confused when they were not able to access the website on March 13, 2012 . In the morning hours, the site kept crashing and left the users in the dark on the  issue at a hand.

Later, full access to the website was restored, while many of the users complained of trouble in signing in. The users trying to access the website through the desktops were affected the most and were unable to post or share links on the site which kept crashing.

Others were able to access through mobile apps and the mobile site In such a situation, Facebook users turn to Twitter  most of the time to vent out their frustration on not having access to the social networking site.

The DNS (Domain Name System) and Facebook issue are still trending on Twitter. The DNS helps in translating the queries for domain names that are meaningful to humans in to IP addresses to locate the computer services and devices worldwide.

Last week, the social networking site had faced an issue of DNS when the European users faced an outage. Even Twitter was abuzz with offering help to the users to solve the DNS issue.