Asia Bizz: Panic spread in Tokyo and some parts of the northeastern Japan on March 14,2012 after a series of earthquake hit the tiny Asian nation in the evening. No damage or injury has been reported so far in the same region that was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami last year that resulted in a major disaster.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck off Hokkaido and also generated a minor tsunami. After the earthquake, the authorities had immediately advised the coastal residents to evacuate the area.

A tsunami of 20 centimeters was observed in the water at the port of Hachinohe in Aomori an hour later the earthquake. Small changes were also seen in other places. Later at about 9 pm local time, an earthquake of 6.1 magnitude ricked the buildings in Tokyo and the earthquake was centred just off the coast of Chiba which is east of Tokyo that was 15 kilometeres deep.

Local trains were halted and even the Narita International Airport briefly closed the runways for inspection but the operation was later resumed. The local trains were suspended for safety checks. Even the nuclear power plants remained in a stable condition.

Just a few days before, on March 10, 2012, Japan completed the 1 year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsumani disaster which killed thousands of residents and left many people without homes.