Asia Bizz: After the launch of Apple’s new iPad, hundreds of faithful iPad 3 lovers lined up in Tokyo on March 16, 2012 for a chance to buy the device. The sales of the much awaited iPad began at 8 am local time and many of the blue shirted employees counted down t he final seconds at the Ginza shopping district.

Several reporters and prospective buyers thronged the shop to catch a glance of the new iPad and crowded the main door. More than 400 shoppers streamed inside the shop to buy the device which is priced at ¥42,800 for the cheapest model.

After the launch of the iPad 2 last year in April, many rivals came in to the market to show-off their devices against the iPad. Some of the major companies who introduced their devices include Toshiba and Sony. Unfortunately none of the major companies came even close to the iPad.

A 19-year-old university student, Ryo Watanabe said that he lined up 36 hours before the device went on sales , so that he could be the first one to buy it at the Ginza store. Watanabe also talked to the reporters while he carried his new iPad 3 in a new box.