Asia Bizz: Things are now slowly settling down after the presentation of the Union Budget 2012 in the Indian Parliament on March 16, 2012. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is the clear winner in everything despite many disappointments in terms of the content of the budget.

Mukherjee’s budget can be looked at two ways, one is to look at it in terms of what it has achieved economically. Many of the analysts have agreed that the budget is seriously lacking in many things. Yet there are many questions that have been left unanswered like will it reduce the subsidies, or will it curb the inflation or will it bring back growth.

But the good part is that the budget has not made the bad situation worse. There is also another way to look at the budget in terms of the political point of view. The main intention of the Finance minister was to ensure that it does not ruffle any feathers among the distrustful allies even while telling the rest of the world that he is actually trying to fix the economy.

So overall, a twin aim has been achieved and this is actually the reason Mukherjee is the clear winner in this budget, despite the fact that given the fact that summer is near and AC/First Class train tickets are set to rise.