Asia Bizz: Rupert Keeley, the chief of PayPal Asia-Pacific announced on March 16, 2012 that the US company plans to expand in the Asian region in the upcoming 12 to 18 months. The company has now launched the region’s first payment service for smartphones.

Hong Kong and Australia were the first countries in the region where the new mobile system was introduced, but Keeley has also said that it would soon be available in the other markets. The PayPal chief said that the new service will also be introduced in mainland China, where the licensing process is underway.

Keeley said that they are delighted to be the first in Asia Pacific to offer this innovative mobile solution. The company chief also said that Asia had $1.3 trillion small medium business retail market combined with the rapid uptake of smartphones.

Keeley added that PayPal is going to change the way millions of merchants and consumers connect with each other in the Asia Pacific region. The regional headquarters of the company is situated in Singapore, but it serves many other customers in the vast region remotely through a network of sex sales offices. The company chief has also revealed their intentions to expand their foot prints in Asia.