Asia Bizz: South Korean company Samsung electronics has recently announced its plans to launch a smart interactive television in India. The new product was unveiled at the 2012 South West Asia Regional Forum that was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The new device will allow users to control them through voice or motion commands. This means that the user of the device can turn the TV on and off, activate and select applications or even search for select content in a web browser without touching the remote.

The new device is S8000 LED smart TV which features an inbuilt camera with microphone, face recognition, voice control and gesture based control. With the help of the in-built camera, users can also have a face to face video chats through Skype.

The new device is also the first in a series of upgradable TVs. The Smart Evolution Kit will enable new features on the TV as and when they become available.

For the Indian market, the prices are expected to be Rs 80,000 onwards. The new smart interaction is available on the company’s 2012 flagship smart TVs along with the LED ES8000 series and the plasma E8000 series.

Other media reports said that the price of the smart TVs would range from Rs 45,000 to Rs 2.65 lakh.