Palintest Ltd., one of the world’s leading companies in water quality analysis, has launched a new digital Chlorometer for fast, accurate and easy chlorine level measurement. The new product uses the tried and tested DPD standard method in conjunction with a photometric analyser to give near-instant results. This method produces highly accurate results and is not subject to interpretation errors that can come with a purely human visual colour judgement.



The new Chlorometer is very easy to use, with just four intuitive buttons and a menu that uses universal symbols instead of individual languages on its LCD display screen. While its small size (150 x 65 x 40mm) and light weight (200g) make the unit ideal for in-field and on-site testing, its accuracy (± 0.02 @ 1 mg/l) makes it suitable for bench use in both laboratories and water treatment plants. Test ranges are 0.01-5.0 mg/l for Free and Total Chlorine levels, and 1-250 mg/l for Chlorine HR concentrations.



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