Asia Bizz: In an innovative age of smartphones which come packed with  processing speeds and bigger displays, the new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is thankfully compact. Everyone has their own requirements and not everyone needs a 5.3-inch display, pointing out at the Galaxy Note which is good to see but bulky to carry.

The Galaxy S Blaze 4G comes packed with a faster processor and operates smoothly due to its dual core processor, but it seems to be unnecessarily filled with carrier and manufacturer bloatware. Moreover, the bloatware cannot be removed easily and occupies a vast amount of disk space and random access memory.

While talking about the design and display of this smartphone,  it comes packed with a basic design with glossy finish and rounded corners, but attracts greasy finger prints and that seems to be an attractor of dust. In terms of thickness, it measures 4.8 by 2.48 by 0.46 inches and weighs 4.51 ounces. The size of the screen is wide enough to watch videos and playing games. The display of Galaxy S Blaze 4Gis appreciable as the viewing angles are excellent due to its Super AMOLED technology; but when the Super AMOLED display in Blaze 4Gis compared to the other Samsung devices, it seemed unsatisfactory.

At present, the Blaze 4G runs on the Android 2.3.6 instead of the Ice Cream Sandwich and also has Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. Despite the low popularity of TouchWiz, it is relatively light and fast and also adds color to the Android Gingerbread. But at the same time the borderline cartoony look does not get along with the high-tech device. The major turnoff is the huge amount of carrier and manufacturer added software. The device has been stuffed with Game Base, 411, More For Me, LookOut T-Mobile, T-Mobile Name ID, Netflix, T-Mobile Video Chat and more.

The worst part of the phone is that many of the applications are not real and are just links to the app stores for the trial version of the service. Some of Samsung’s own apps have also been added like the Kies Air and AllShare, which are actually useful but the others are just fiction.

Performance wise, it has been powered by a 1.5 GH dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1GB RAM. The Blaze 4G boasts a five megapixel camera for good indoor and outdoor pictures . The TouchWiz camera interface is clean and easy to use and also offers a few advanced controls.

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy’s series and prepared to overlook the cons, then you can go ahead and buy it, else wait for the expected Samsung Galaxy S III.