Asia Bizz: In a major hacking case in China, the police have arrested a man who is a suspect in leaking personal information about more than six million users. The suspect Zeng, was found in Wenzhou, which is east China’s province on February 4, 2012 after an investigation was conducted in the case.

The leak occurred on December 21, 2011 when personal information of more than six million users of the China Software Developer Network (CSDN), which is the largest in the country, was exposed on the internet for free downloading. The leak is considered as the biggest in the history of China.

According to the police, the leaked information contained user IDs, passwords as well as email addresses in clear text. The leak also had a rippling effect on the other websites which included shopping, social networking, gaming and even financial service websites.

It was also noticed by the police that the leaked information was dated from July 2009 to July 2010 and indicated that the CSDN server was hacked before July 2010. The police went on to suspect Zeng as he claimed in an online post in September 2010 that he gained command of the CSDN database and also wanted to co-operate with the website.

In April 2010, he admitted to have hacked in to the CSDN server April 2010 through a loophole.