Asia Bizz: Czech Republic-based car company Skoda India has recently announced a price hike for its entire line up in the Indian market. The company has announced a price rise from 2.2 percent to 5.1 percent across its various models.

The new prices have been put into effect immediately. After the revised prices, the new Skoda Fabia will start from Rs 4.6 lakh while the Skoda Rapid sedan will begin from Rs 6.9 lakh.

Moreover, the Skoda Laura range will start from Rs 12.9 lakh and the Skoda Yeti will be available at the starting price of Rs 13.9 lakh. Even the flagship model, Skoda Superb will also face a price hike and will retail at the starting price of Rs 19.6 lakhs.

The price hike has been done by the company after the hike in overall excise duty during the Budget 2012-13. Due to this move, most of the manufacturers will now have to hike the prices of their models. The recent move by the finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has angered the entire auto industry as it spells out losses of potential customers.

Skoda entered the Indian market in the year 2001 and is a subsidiary of Czech Republic Skoda Auto and a division of the Volkswagen group Sales India.