Asia Bizz : Chinese technology giant Huawei has been recently banned by Australia from bidding to build a nationwide high speed internet network. The Chinese company has been banned due to the concerns over cyber attacks traced in China.

Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister on March 26, 2012 said that the move was one of the prudent decisions to ensure that the planned network functions properly. Huawei Technologies is considered as one of the world’s biggest producers of switching equipment that forms the heart of the phone and data networks.

The company even rejected the suggestions that it might be a security risk and added that it has won the trust of the global telecom operators. Due to the hackings traced back to China, Beijing’s relations with Western governments have been strained.

Last year, the Australian Huawei general’s office told Huawei it would be barred from bidding for work on their network. The decision was actually prompted by the Australian intelligence officials who cited hacking attacks. One of the spokespersons from the attorney general’s office said that said that it could not comment on the individual companies, but an official from Huawei confirmed the ban – the official disclosed the information, on the condition of anonymity, as he was not supposed to officially disclose any company-related conversations.