Asia Bizz: Indian airlines group Kingfisher Airlines announced on on March 27, 2012  that it has temporarily suspended some of its operations from major cities in India including Hyderabad and Kolkata. The troubled airlines has also asked nearly half of its 7,000 odd employees to stay at home till it has funds to pump into the airline.

At present, the Vijay Mallya-run Kingfisher Airlines has a huge burden of Rs 7,000 crores to pay off. It has not yet ruled out the laying off of some of the staff stating that the decision on the issue will be taken by the government, as well as its bankers about funding and other related issues.

While talking about the delayed payment of the salaries and other dues for more than three months, a spokesperson from the airline said that Kingfisher Airlines was putting in place a holding plan and that there are several stations to which the operations have been temporarily suspended. The spokesperson added that since the airline could resume the operations after getting recapitalization, most of the staff at these stations have been asked to stay at home; while remaining on the company’s rolls.

The airlines used to previously fly to about 60 destinations, but will now fly to less than 30 cities.

Kingfisher Airlines is yet to pay the salaries of its employees, which has been pending for over 4 months now.