Asia Bizz: Cell phone manufacturing giant Nokia launched its first smartphone for China on March 29, 2012. With the launch of the new smartphone, the cell phone maker is eying the world’s biggest mobile market.

The company launched its new Lumia 800c, which will be supported by China Telecom Ltd.

China Telecom Ltd is considered as the country’s three major state owned telecom companies.

The struggling mobile company, which was once the global leader, has launched its corporate effort after it failed in front of Apple Inc as well as other competitors. The Chinese market is the biggest mobile market for Nokia and other mobile phone makers.

Nokia is considered as one of the most prominent brands in the Asian country, but the market share of the company has slipped amid intense competition from the Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s smartphones and other companies.

Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia said that China is critically important for Nokia. Colin Giles, the executive vice president for global sales of Nokia said that the roll out of four Lumia handsets over the past year is evidence of the company’s revival. Globally, it has been noticed that Nokia has been squeezed by phones running on Google’s Android system.