Asia Bizz: The most popular handset maker Nokia in Indian revealed on March 30, 2012 that it has added new feature in its services that are based on location. Now smartphone users in Delhi as well as Mumbai can get real time traffic updates. Traffic is a major issue especially in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi and with the introduction of such a service, it will become convenient for the commuters so that they can plan the route before hand in order to avoid a traffic jam.

Rajat Tandon, the Nokia Director of Sales Location and Commerce told the reporters that the new service is powered by NAVTEQ Traffic Pro and the traffic feature will offer the users detailed information on traffic speeds on the motor ways, main and secondary roads so that the travellers can plan their travel accordingly. However, the service will be available only on selected Nokia smartphones like the Nokia 700, Nokia N8, Nokia 701, Nokia E6, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

The users can access the service through the Nokia Drive Symbian device and Nokia Maps on the Windows device. The best part of the service that it is free of cost and the users of the service will have to only pay for data charges to use the service. Tandon also informed that location is the core of their vision for the future and they also aim to power people through location-aware technology.

The director of sales stated that the company will continue to introduce more location awareness services that represent the future of mobility for consumer in India. Tandon also said that Nokia will also help in the development of platform services for application developers, merchants, internet service providers and advertisers.