Asia Bizz: With the growing popularity of Apple’s iPad, students in a Chinese school might soon carry iPads instead of books. The management is now planning to allow the usage of the device in the school.

Three students from the Jingling High School in Nanjing city have already been allowed to bring iPads to the classrooms on a trial basis after their new term begins in the month of September. The management has opined that the policy has been discussed extensively and will be extended to all the students.

The vice director of school’s international department, Xin Qihua, said that iPads can set students free from the burden of carrying school bags and can also improve the interaction between the students and the teachers, who can ask questions through the device and also review the answers from all the students immediately. Xin added that the iPad can give the students access to foreign educational resources, which will contribute to their preparation for the SAT, AP and TOFEL exams.

The device can also help in saving 90 percent of the expenditure on teaching material. On the other, hand some people also have their own doubts and think that this can spoil students and probably won’t lead to a more serious school environment.