Asia Bizz: European aircraft manufacturing company Airbus has recently signed its first corporate jet sale in Japan. With the latest sale, the company has added a new customer to its long list and is progressing towards building its presence in the booming Asia-Pacific market.

The Airbus ACJ318 is better known for having one of the widest and tallest cabins of any corporate jet. It size is similar to the traditional business jets.

John Leahy , the Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customs said in a statement, “Our first Airbus corporate jet sale in Japan builds on the growing presence of our modern airliner family, as well as encouraging greater use of business jets to help grow what is, today, the world’s third-largest economy.”

Leahy added that cabin comfort and pace are the key in their business and the Airbus jets offer more than any other business jet.

The corporate jets are popular in many of the world economies, but are still proportionately few in the larger markets like Japan. With the opening of the first dedicated business terminal in Tokyo, it will help to pave the way for more of them in the future. The jets are primarily used as business tools by billionaires, government leaders and company executives to help them accomplish more with their limited time.