Asia Bizz: The onsite activities of Indian IT companies are facing huge disruptions due to US visa restrictions. As a result of the visa rejections in the recent weeks, companies are facing problems in sending enough support and maintenance staff to their client locations overseas.

This issue has further made things difficult as projects are not completed in time. One of the global sales head of an IT firm in Bangalore, on the condition of anonymity, said that they promised the client in the Bay area that they would be sending 15 people from India to support it onsite, but unfortunately they could only send three people as the rest were denied visas.

The IT firm sales head added that clients are very unhappy because it meant that they had to depend on available alternatives, which were either costly or of poorer quality.

Another official from an IT firm told Asia Bizz that visa scarcity was forcing Indian companies to hire additional talent at the customer location by paying as much as 60% more. This has a direct impact on the margins of the companies. The official added that they have not been able to meet the delivery commitments in time for almost half a dozen of their clients.