Asia Bizz: Indian auto giant Maruti Suzuki revealed it is moving some units of its car production out of Gurgaon, India. Reports state that the movie is a normal response to the problem of congestion at the plant in Gurgaon.

Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava clarified that the company will not move the total car production out of the plant in Gurgaon as their intention was just to expand the plan to Gujarat – so that the congestion at the Gurgaon plant could be reduced.

Bhargava said that Gujarat is going to be an expansion of their total facilities and that they will be shutting down one of the three lines in Gurgaon to make space for manufacturing diesel engines and some other components.

The chairman revealed that they intend to do this from the year 2015. At present the main intention of the auto maker is to produce more diesel cars so as to meet the rising demand. The demand for diesel cars has increased in the country due to the ever increasing price of petrol. In the month of March, the company faced lower sales due to lack of diesel engines.