Asia Bizz: The government of Japan has recently announced new guidelines on how to avoid its nuclear power plants and prevent natural disasters. The measure has been taken so as to prevent the disaster that took place last year, due to tsunami destruction at the Fukushima Power plant.

The government announced the guidelines on April 6, 2012 and aims to ease the concern of the public about restarting the idle reactors. After the major disaster in 2011, the government of Japan is reportedly anxious to restart the two reactors in Fukui in Western Japan.

The public strongly opposes nuclear energy after the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-Chi power plant. Even local leaders are reluctant on restarting any of the reactors for the fear of a possible nuclear disaster.

According to the guidelines announced by the government, the estimatation of how reactors would cope in the event of a major earthquake and tsunami is of prime concern. In France and other countries, the ‘stress tests’ are meant to find the weakness or suspend the facility, but Japan has used them as a safety guarantee. The objectivity of the tests have also been questioned by many people and if the utility meets the new guidelines, then the authorities hope that the public will be convinced that the reactors are safe.