Asia Bizz: In the recent years, following into the footsteps of computers, mobile phones have  become an easy target for hackers. A recent reports released by the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team of China stated that there were 7.12 million cases of mobile phone infections in the year 2011.

The report released contained information on mobile infections in China alone and stated that mobile phone hackers gain access to the mobile phones in order to steal personal information – which includes the bank account details and credit card information.

Around 1,317 programs are used to charge users for fraudulent money, which is the prime source of money for cyber criminals. The phone operating systems which are the prime targets include Nokia’s Symbian and Google’s Android OS.

The report states that users who have poor network security fall prey to hackers who take advantage of such a situation to steal  private and confidential information of the users, who in turn face heavy losses. It was also found by the technical team that 6,249 malicious programs were detected in the year 2011 – which was twice the number compared from the year 2010.