Asia Bizz: Under the patent dispute between Korean mobile phone maker Samsung and America’s Apple Inc., Samsung is not likely to face a ban of its products in the US. Earlier there were a few signs that Samsung might face a ban on its smartphones and tablets on a request by Apple Inc.

The court recently heard a dispute on whether the federal trial judge acted in the right manner in the month of December 2011 when it was ruled out that Apple failed to provide ample evidence to support an injunction of Samsung’s Galaxy product line. For the sake of an injunction, Apple argued that it did not have to show a link between patent infringement and the loss of customer.

Michael Jacobs, the lawyer of Apple said that it is enough to show that the Korean company had likely infringed on the patents of Apple used in products like its iPhone and that Apple is likely to be hurt. But the trial judge did not find all this enough as evidence of a causal link.

Judge Sharon Prost said that it was essential to have a link, which is important and any harm, including the loss to the customer, could have been for reasons completely different from the infringement.