Asia Bizz: Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has announced on April 9, 2012 that it will launch a new series of portable USB mobile power supplies as auxiliary power sources for mobile devices. The portable USB mobile power supplies will be launched for the devices like smartphones and tablet PCs.

The company said that the new series will be launched on May 28, 2012 for the Japanese market . The model which will come packs with the highest capacity will be QE-QL301, which will have enough power to fully charge a smartphone four times in a single charge. This is twice the capacity of the current model of the company.

With the growing popularity and necessity of smartphones and mobile phones, there are also mounting concerns on the battery life among users. In such a situation,  the market for auxiliary power is growing drastically and there is also a particular interest in the rechargeable power supplies. And the users demand for devices which are economical and cause less environmental impact so that they can be used repeatedly. The new series by the company will enable users to use their smartphones and mobile phones on-the-go without any interruption and worrying about running out of power.