Asia Bizz: Telecom company Vodafone has launched a new service for its postpaid users on April 12, 2012 . The new facility will allow postpaid users to get a new number when they relocate to a different state. in India

The Chief commercial officer at Vodafone India, Sanjay Mukerji said in a statement, “Through this service, we aim to provide our postpaid customers a hassle-free relocation experience and uninterrupted services on Vodafone.” To take advantage of the new service, Vodafone subscribers needs to apply for the service in their current location.

So how does a Vodafone postpaid subscriber avail of the new service? After the subscriber has made the application to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it will communicate the details with the Vodafone team in the new location. Later the executives of the company will contact the customer at the new location. The statement added that the user will be allocated a new number, change of billing address and the company will collect the identity and proof documents without any interruption in the service.

The service will also allow the user to retain the prevailing credit limit.  Mukherji  also said that the new service has been possible as the Vodafone service is present at all 23 telecom circles and also has a modern CRM system.