Asia Bizz: Video streaming website YouTube reportedly aims to increase the popularity of its social networking skills with the help of better integration across the platforms. YouTube also hopes to double the ad revenue in emerging markets like India.

Tom Pickett, the global content head of the website said in a statement  on April 12, 2012 during a visit to India, “YouTube has been lacking great social features. Commenting and sharing have been part of YouTube, but the experiences could be much better than they are.”  According to the website stats, it gets about 800 million unique users every month.

After the United States, India is the second biggest source of content for YouTube. Pickett spoke about the planned improvements and said that they were working on areas such as the comments section of the site-  which at present does not allow the other users to sign in from the other sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Pickett added, “As we think of incorporating Google Plus type functionality we think we can get a better dialogue going and a social platform that’s not just YouTube but it’s actually a common piece that cuts across all Google products.”

The Google Plus social networking site was launched last year by the search engine giant to compete against the popular players like Facebook and Twitter.

India is a massive market for YouTube as everything from Bollywood movie trailer videos, film songs, TV serials and even full-length movies. The recent live streaming of IPL cricket matches has taken the online video viewing experience to the next level.