Asia Bizz: American tech giant Microsoft has announced its biggest ever customer for cloud computing on April 12, 2012. Cloud computing is a software that hosts on behalf of the clients and delivers over the internet.

The American company has won a contract to provide free services to a major Indian Education body. In the recent time, Microsoft has been entering in to the world of cloud computing due to tough competition against other major players like Google.

The US-based software giant said that it would provide the Live@edu communication and collaboration software to 7 million students apart from half a million teachers through the deal with the All India Council for Technical Education.

As a part of the education initiative of Microsoft, the service will be provided for free. The service includes email, instant messaging, storage and Office Web Applications. Cloud computing is inexpensive and simple as it removes the need to spend time and money on the installation of the software and managing servers. The large players like Microsoft and Google aim at the major government departments.

In the month of June 2011, Microsoft unveiled the revamped online version of its hugely profitable Office software suite.