Asia Bizz: A regional bank in Japan, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, is expected to launch an automated teller machine (ATM) which will identify users with their palms. The bank will become the Asian country’s first financial institution to adopt the new range of machines.

The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in Gifu Prefecture revealed that it will install about 12 palm scanning biometric ATMs by the month of September and will be installing more in the near future. The new system has been developed by Fujitsu Ltd in which users will be able to prove who they are by getting the palm of their hands scanned.

The customers of the bank will also have to enter their PIN number, along with their date of birth. The best part is the system does not demand any cash card or passbook.

The palm-scanning idea was developed after many people lost their personal possessions in the tsunami disaster in Japan last year. People had no means to have an access to their money and the new system will be of great assistance to the public and the government. The bank informed that the new system will be the second in the world to have a biometric dependent ATM.

The Ziraat Bank, which is the largest bank in Turkey, has the world’s first bank to have a biometric ATM system.