Bluetooth device manufacturers, Jabra has on April 17, 2012 launched its new in-car hands free device. The new device has been named as Jabra Drive which can be used in their cars while driving.

It is like a speakerphone which is easy to set up and in fact it does not actually require a set up. The new device from Jabra is a Bluetooth hands free with a loudspeaker and can be clipped in to the visor of the car.

Like all Bluetooth devices, it automatically pairs up with two mobile devices at the same time and allows the driver and the passengers to stay connected. The best part is the device offers clear and loud sound with echo and noise cancellation with the help of Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

The device also has a feature that automatically adjusts the speaker phone’s volume to best suit the environment of the user. The head of sales of South Asia Region, GN Netcom, which is the parent company of Jabra, Ann Goh said, “The Jabra Drive also features A2DP technology, which allows users to stream music from their smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player, podcasts, directions from GPS applications etc. The device comes with a micro USB cable and is priced at Rs. 3,999.